Attack on Sandpoint or: You Missed....Again

In the wake of the on-going goblin attack, the town of Sandpoint, is in bedlam. Fightened citizens are running for safety. A brave few try to hold their own against the merciless attackers. The adventurers head to the northern gates, heeding Sheriff Hemlock’s request, and encounter a grizzly scene. As the adventurers arrive an armored goblin riding a mangy canine, whose face has the same flat nose, beady eyes, and protruding teeth as a rat grown grotesquely large, and three goblins on foot have a man and his dog cornered. The man hides behind some boxes as the dog stands growling and ready to protect his master. As the mounted goblin raises his sword to attack the dog, Talitha says half-halfheartedly where only the party hears, “No….wait…don’t do that…” but fails to perform any action to interrupt the scene. The goblin lowers his sword and slashes the dog down.

The adventurer’s quickly sneak up behind the preoccupied goblins and begin the fight. The fight drags on and on. There is miss after miss after miss by the heroes. The day drinking in the inn seems to have caught up to them as they attempt to defend the town. Eventually all four goblins and the goblin dog lay slain. The cowering man comes out of hiding and introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove. The party can tell he is noble born by the way he talks and carries himself. He thank them profusely for saving his life and seems to direct his attention to Talitha. He invites her and the rest of the party to join him at the Rusty Dargon, where he is staying so that he might “properly” thank them.

After this long festival day and the bloody attack on the city the group heads back to Arnye’s house to rest, nurse their wounds, and maybe have a drink or two more.



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