Back to Town or: Did-a-chick? Dum-a-chum?

As the party recovered and collected their loot after allowing Black Fang to flee, they heard noises coming from behind a pile of rubble. After clearing away the debris they found a human tied up in a small room. The adventurers hesitantly untied the human. She introduced herself as Vesper, a human fighter who had been captured after her party was defeated and slain by Black Fang. She was the sole survivor of her party and was able to strike a deal to exchange information for her life. The party gathered her gear from a nearby chest and gave it back to Vesper and invited her to join their company.

The group of five headed out of the den, through the crypt, and back down the cliff face. They found themselves in the goblin throne room, where all of the goblins appeared to be napping. They moved quietly through the room towards an unexplored chamber.

In the new chamber they found a large pool surrounding an island containing a shiny pile of gear. Melange Nauru made her way into the pool swimming towards the island. Talitha Nauru and Vesper followed suit. When Melange reached the island she was met by a grotesque crab-like creature, a reefclaw. Talitha made her way to land and shot the reefclaw with an arrow. The reefclaw grabbed Melange in its claws and held her tightly. She was finally able to let loose a lightning arc though, and effectively cooked the reefclaw with a critical blast. Vesper made her way to the island as they started to split the island’s treasure. They found a [[:535811|Dragon-bane Longsword + 1], a potion of invisibility, a potion of levitation, and a sack of gold coins.

The group swam back across the island, while Melange decided to have a taste of the charred reefclaw. The bite was not very appetising. As Melange swam back to join the party, a cramp sent her underwater. A worried Talitha dove in and dragged her back to shore. Fedor D’Azmodan reminded Melange “you’re supposed to wait 30 minutes after you eat.” The group carried on exploring the cave but soon realized they made a large loop by ending up back in the room with the spider webs. Seeing nothing else to do here, they headed back to Sandpoint to collect their reward.

The group was on their way back to town when they were ambushed by five goblins. Melange and a goblin traded misses to start the battle. Vesper turned towards two of the goblins and struck with her double sided sword. She sliced through the first wiith a critical blow and killed it. She spun and fatally struck the other with the other end. The speed and lethality of Vesper’s strike startled one of the remaining goblins. Fedor let loose a wild bolt from his crossbow that stuck in a tree down the road. Melange struck her goblin in the head with her quarterstaff. Arnye Bismuth swung her new Dragon-bane sword, but had trouble making a connection due to her unfamiliarity with the blade. Vesper attempted a backflip but fell prone. She made a desperate move with her sword and managed to cut out the legs from Melange’s goblin and kill it. One of the remaining goblin charged at Fedor and missed a strike with his sword. Fedor lowered the crossbow to the goblin and shot it squarely in the head, killing it. Arnye, having adjusted for the weight, struck fiercely at the remaining goblin and decapitated it with a brutal strike to the neck. With all of the goblins slain, they searched the bodies for loot. Seeing none or value, Arnye decided to cut an ear off of one of the goblins and save it as a trophy.

They made their way back to Sandpoint and to Kenda Deverin’s office. She thanked them for their service and gave them the promised gold pieces. She also invited the party to the coming Swallowtail Festival in honor of the consecration of the new cathedral. As the party made their way out of the office, Melange attempted to pocket the mayor’s stapler and was met by a stern hand on the stapler. “I believe you have my stapler,” the mayor said dryly. Melange let go and they left.

The adventurers made their way to the Rusty Dragon, a local adventurers’ inn. There they had a couple of ales and chatted with a strange old man who was drinking alone going over his research. They try to engage him in conversation, but get little from him. He gets frustrated easily as they talk with him and often ranted about how no one believes him and why can’t he live in a place that has “intellectual peers.” After exhausting the conversation, Melange tries to steal some of his papers to see what his research is about, however, the man quickly grabs his paper and shuffles them out of sight. The party leaves knowing little more than they did before.

Before calling it a night, they make their way to the Fatman’s Feedbag. They get a drink in the smoke filled tavern notorious for its bar fights and shady dealings. After only ten minutes of being there the two men at the table next to them erupt into a fight after one throws his mug of ale at the other’s face. Vesper quickly starts taking bets from the other patrons in the bar. Arnye places her bet for one of the men. Almost as quickly as it started, the other man knocks out the man Arnye backed. Shortly after, as Vesper is dispersing winning bets, Sheriff Hemlock barges into the bar with another town guard. He takes both of the men in the fight into custody and shakes his head disapprovingly at Vesper and the party. The party decided to call it a night and heads to rest at Arnye’s house in Sandpoint.



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