Black Fang's Dungeon or: If You Love Something, Set It Free

The team of adventures are met by three human skeletons shuffling towards them. The rogue, Fedor D’Azmodan, gets the first strike and moves forward to try to stab one of them with his dagger. The fighter, Arnye Bismuth, knowing that the best way to break through bones is with her warhammer, strikes out at a skeleton and reduces it to powder. The druid, Melange Nauru, strikes at another skeleton with her lightning arc and defeats it. The sorcerer, Talitha Nauru, dispatches the remaining skeleton with her heavenly fire. The party peeks around the corner and hears the sounds of a dragon and takes a moment to heal before proceeding.

They make their way into Black Fang’s chamber where they see a pile of loot, the beginnings of the young dragon’s hoard. Fedor leads the attack and strikes at the stomach of the dragon to no avail. Melange fires a lightning arc at the dragon while Talitha shoots at it with her bow. Black Fang lets loose a massive blast of acid breath at Fedor and wounds him badly. While Fedor retreats out of the room, Arnye casts a net over the dragon and limits its mobility. The party takes turns shooting, blasting, and striking the dragon as it struggles to free itself. Black Fang eventually lets loose a wail and pleads with the adventurers to let him leave. He vows to leave the area and abandon his small hoard. The adventurers are suspicious of his claims, but due to his youth, they feel his statements are true. Reluctantly, Arnye releases Black Fang and he flies out the top of the cave, and heads north over the gulf. The party wonders whether they have released a threat that will return for vengeance or if perhaps they’re a step closer to having a dragon friend. The party heals and collects their bounty. Lots of gold, half-plate armor, a +1 Light Shield, a potion of Bull’s Strength, a scroll of New Life, and a scroll of Fireball.



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