Searching Thistletop or: I eat another pickle

The adventurers find themselves in a dingy throne room full of furs and slain goblins. Arnye is collecting all the pelts she can take with her. The group decides to sweep the building and loot what they can.

Heading north they find themselves in Ripnugget’s personal chambers. Arnye jumps on his bed til it breaks. Melange finds a medallion of Lamashtu hidden under a pillow and a key hidden under a chair. The rest of the room has nothing of note, but a collection of horseshoes nailed to the walls. Over 100 in total.

The group heads south and finds a room with boards nailed over the doors. Fedor is able to remove the boards rather quickly and the room is found to be a storeroom. Notably, a large barrel of pickles is in this room. Talitha quickly eats three and stuffs her bag full of them. She likes pickles.

The party makes their way up a stairway to the watchtower and finds two goblins . They are hastily throwing a bag of pickles over the edge of the tower whispering to eachother to hurry or they’ll be caught red handed. As they dispose of their ill-gotten pickle hoard, the party makes quick work of them and sends their corpses over the edge of the tower with their pickles.

The party next moves north and finds themselves in a courtyard. The courtyard holds an outbuilding with two dead goblins outside of it as well as four goblin dogs. Talitha quickly throws a pickle and manages to distract one of the dogs. The party goes to work slaying the goblin dogs. When the dogs are dead, Fedor goes to work on unboarding the boards upon boards nailing the outbuilding shut. Inside they find another dead Goblin and a emaciated war horse. Melange, using her druid magics, speaks with the horse to find that his name is Shadowmist.

He was a part of a caravan that was attacked by the goblins. The other horse and the guards were slain, while the merchants were able to escape towards Sandpoint. After feeding the horse pickles and water and anything else that looked good they had, Shadowmist agreed to join the party as an adventurer’s mount rather than be a wild horse.

The party welcomed him and told him to stay and rest as they cleared the rest of the structure. The party then found a room with tools, riding gear, and a cage full of rabbits. The party let the rabbits free in the courtyard and Talitha took one as a pet. She strapped it to her chest a la a baby bjorn and was very happy.

The adventurers continued north and found what was clearly a bathroom. Yurt took a closer look and saw that it was indeed a very dirty bathroom, but Melange noticed a hidden door at the back of the room and swung it open to find a large sea chest. Fedor deftly disarmed the trapped knife in the lid and opened the chest revealing all of the thistletop goblins spoils. The chest contained an unorganized pile of 7432 cp, 2490 sp, a large number of gp, and a sizable amount of pp. It also contained a leather pouch of 34 badly flawed malachites worth 1 gp each, a Medium chain shirt, a Medium masterwork scimitar, a pair of masterwork manacles, a gold holy symbol of Sarenrae worth 100 gp, a jade necklace worth 60 gp, and a fine blue silk gown with silver trim worth 150 gp.

The party made their way back out of the room with their spoils and saw a stairway leading down…



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