The Adventure Begins or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Kick Everything

Livestock has started to disappear from farms near the small seaside town of Sandpoint. Sometimes a half-eaten corpse is found, sometimes only bloodstains. A long black fang was found in one of the animal corpses, prompting the locals to dub the unseen killer “Black Fang.” The mayor Kendra Deverin has offered a reward of 1,000 gold pieces to the group that stops this mysterious creature.

Answering the call for help from the mayor, four adventurer’s stand outside the cave of Black Fang. The dwarven fighter Arnye Bismuth, the human rogue Fedor D’Azmodan, the half-elf druid Melange Nauru, and her half sister, the elven sorcerer Talitha Nauru meet at the mouth of the cave in front of a statue of a warrior worn down from time.

The adventurers are quickly seized upon by a pair of goblin warriors guarding the cave. They charge with their crude swords and are met by the sword of Arnye. The adventures quickly dispatch their attackers and take the rocks and a dead lizard off of the goblins as trophies. They make their way into the cave and find the goblin’s outpost. After searching through their bed, Melange finds a key to a nearby treasure chest. She swiftly kicks the chest then opens it. Inside they find a freshly broken vial of orange liquid coating the rest of the contents which include a masterwork dagger, a small ruby, and a pouch of coins.

As the party makes their way deeper into the cave they come across a glowing fountain. Melange takes a drink impulsively and feels rather impervious as a result of the sweet water. Talitha drinks as well, but finds the water bitter and debilitating. Fedor tastes the water and he too finds it to be sweet and refreshing. Arnye doesn’t feel the gamble is worth it and watches her new cohorts.

They make their way into the next chamber, where they are met by four goblins and their leader King Fatmouth. They diplomatically speak with the king and he implores them to find his lost toy that was stolen by his sister. His lack of knowledge about where she may have gone wears thin on Melange’s patience. She proceeds to kick at the goblin and sparks an encounter. After exchanging a few blows, Melange casts an obscuring mist making it impossible for anyone to see more than a few feet in front of them. The party takes this opportunity to retreat back to the room with the fountain and regroup. They choose to go through another stone door in the room to wait out the mist.

As the step foot in the next room, a booming voice says “Enter with humility and live.” They see an alter with a large ruby flanked by two statues. Feeling taunted by the voice, Melange steps forward, throws her arms out and yells “Judge me!” Fedor uses his roguish reflexes and grabs the back of her armor and pulls her back as he notices the room is trapped. He makes his way to one of the statues and tries to disarm the trap. His attempt fails and he accidentally sets the trap off, filling the room with cones of fire. Deterred by this, Talitha ducks out of the room as Melange decides to grab the ruby. The trap ignites again as she makes her move and burns Fedor and Melange a second time. The ruby burns hot in Melange’s hand, but she now possesses the Energy Heart.

The team quickly exits the room and makes it way into a room full of spider webs. Here they see the body of a goblin wrapped in the web. Talitha’s search of the body finds a toy dragon, a Wand of Magic Missile, and some gold pieces. They are quickly met by a large spider who descends from its web to attack. Talitha uses the new wand on the spider as well as a viper she summoned. The spider is finished by a hammer to the back of the head from Arnye. The group heads back to the goblins to try to return the toy and restore the peace.

They are met by an excited King Fatmouth who thanks them for the return of his toy. They are given some of his treasures as a reward. Feeling the risk outweighed the reward, Talitha uses her intimidating presence to coax the king into giving over the rest of his bounty. They receive a substantial amount of gold, a wand of Cure Light Wounds, a Ring of Protection + 1, and some pearls.

The king points them towards a large cliff and says Black Fang lives up there. He advises them to aim for the belly of the beast as its scales are still soft there. The group climbs up the cliff face and finds themselves in a crypt. A shuffling sound seems to be approaching them from the darkness ahead.



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